Student Device Setup Instructions

  • To get started, fully charge your device. We recommend overnight charging prior to setup.

    1. To turn the device on, press and release the “Power” button in the upper right corner of the keyboard. If the device does not start, press and hold the “Refresh” button then press the “Power” button. Release both buttons.

    2. Chromebooks require a wifi network connection. If you are not connected, you will be prompted to connect. On the “Connect to network” panel, click the name of your wifi network. Enter the wifi password if prompted.

    3. On the “Sign in” panel, enter your school assigned seven digit student ID. (Student ID numbers are in a 600XXXX format.) Then click the blue “Next” button.

    4. Enter your password when prompted. Remember that passwords are case sensitive. Initially your password is set to kingsburghigh. At your first sign in the system will require you to create a new password. We recommend that you save your new password in a secure place like your mobile phone.

    5. You’re all set! Click the blue “Get started” button to begin using your Chromebook.

    6. Your user profile is already populated with helpful Chrome bookmarks. Click the “Kingsburghigh” icon on the bookmarks bar to reveal them.

    7. You can increase and decrease the screen brightness by pressing the brightness control buttons. Increasing the brightness will reduce battery life and require more frequent charging.

    8. You can increase and decrease the device speaker volume by pressing the volume control buttons.

    9. To power off your device, click the “Settings” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

    10. Click the “Power” icon and the device will power off.

Additional Device Information

  • Responsibility – You are responsible for loss or damage to the device and its accessories. Do not leave the device unattended and unsecured.

    Privacy – Your device is school property. You should have no expectation of privacy while using the device. All content and usage is filtered and monitored.

    Camera – Every device has a built-in camera called a webcam near the top center of the screen. Do not put tape or other material over the webcam. The adhesive may damage the camera lens and you will need the webcam for virtual meetings. Next to the webcam a small white indicator light turns on whenever the camera is in use.

    Support – For additional support you can email questions and requests to