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Welcome to the Kingsburg Alternative Education

  • It is my pleasure to serve the staff and students at KAEC.  As a Kingsburg High School alumnus, and a Kingsburg resident, I take pride in helping to mold the future leaders of this town.  I am a believer in a student’s desire to be a part of something special. Students are curious and innovative individuals who absorb and retain information far better than most adults. An opportunity to work with them is an extraordinary privilege, and one I am honored to be part of.  There is no higher calling than to be a positive influence in the lives of young adults. As the Director of the Kingsburg Alternative Education Center, I hope to further engage and motivate students during this crucial time in their lives.  From on-campus “life coaches,” to our future Ambassadors of Compassion program, we strive to help students become productive members of society.

    Oasis High School offers all day class schedules led by a caring and committed staff.  Oasis High School has been named a MODEL CONTINUATION SCHOOL by the State of California.

    Kingsburg Independent Study High School allows students to work at their own pace in a computer lab setting at the school site, or at their own home, or both, through our online program, Edgenuity.

    If you have any questions about either of our programs, you can reach me at 559-897-3880, or by email at:

    Kind….Accountable….Efficient….College and Career Minded

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