Oasis High School is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and has been named a MODEL CONTINUATION SCHOOL by the State of California.

    Oasis High School is a necessary small high school established to help students succeed in a smaller classroom environment. A student is able to progress at his/her own pace working either in small groups or individually under teacher supervision. Students may accelerate by taking on extra assignments and projects. Credits are earned when the student completes assigned projects, and/or receives a passing grade on tests. Classes meet for an hour.

    Students who choose to stay at Oasis may accelerate their work pace and graduate early, or graduate with their class year. The diploma is issued through Oasis High School. Students who want to participate in the Kingsburg High School ceremonies must be accepted and enrolled in the final semester of their senior year at Kingsburg High School.

    Students can also choose to take the California High school Proficiency Exam (CHSPE), which is given twice a year. If the student passes the CHSPE, he/she may be released from school with parents’ permission and he/she may continue on to college.


    Our purpose is to provide our students with the skills needed to earn a high school diploma and to support those social skills necessary to be a productive citizen.

    1. To be a productive citizen

    • Set goals and work towards them
    • Be prepared for school everyday
    • Manage time productively and prioritize tasks effectively
    • Produce work independently and collaboratively
    • Display consideration for themselves and others
    • Complete work efficiently and on time

    2. To be a knowledgeable citizen

    • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Demonstrate effective reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
    • Demonstrate appropriate digital citizenship
    • Be able to access and evaluate information from a variety of sources
    • Demonstrate understanding of how your actions impact others