• Seniors

    For appointments, sign Mrs. Apgar's clipboard in the office or email:


    Five Goals for Senior Year

    1.  Finalize your post-secondary plan and write out the steps needed to put it into action.  Place your deadlines on a calendar.  Review and make adjustments weekly.


    2.  Visit the College and Career Center regularly to receive help with your plan.  This includes assistance with all applications--community colleges, universities, trade schools, and the military.


    3.  Apply for financial aid and scholarships.  Financial Aid Night will be held in January in the KHS library.  Scholarship announcements are posted regularly by the CCC and in Civics/Econ classes.  


    4.  Stay informed.  Check your email, read the bulletin, and sign up for the CCC Google Classroom for Class of 2024.  Listen to announcements in Civics/Econ classes.


    5.  Breathe!  Remember that this is just the start of your journey.  You are not expected to have every detail figured out.  If you are overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, check in with your school counselor.

Senior Information Night was held in September.

Top 4 Skills for High School Students

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