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Freshman Orientation

Counseling Services

  • See your counselor

    Appointments for academic questions and personal-social issues are taken on a daily basis. To request an appointment, complete the online form.

    Questions? Email Mrs. Marriott at

    Freshman Counseling Activity:

    4-Year Planning
    In the spring, 9th graders will receive an academic presentation that highlights post secondary options, high school graduation requirements, university entry requirements, and KHS class offerings. Students will formulate a basic 4-year plan for graduation from high school and entry to their post secondary choice. This plan will be revised every school year during registration.

Ultimate Goal for Freshman Year: Transition to High School

  • To make student transition go smoothly, review these three factors for high school success:

    Get acclimated

    Learn about your new school environment. This means to work on adjusting to the campus. Learn everything you can about the school, classes, and teachers.
    • Understand policies regarding attendance, dress code, and discipline.
    • Learn your teachers’ policies about class rules, homework, and grading.
    • Know your way around the campus including how to find classes, the library, office, and restrooms.
    • Listen to the daily bulletin for important information.

    Get Organized.

    Come to school ready to learn with a binder and dividers along with a planner that works..
    • Record daily work in your planner.
    • Do homework the day it is assigned.
    • Label and put away all homework papers.
    • Check grades often on the ABI.
    • Ask for help!

    Get involved.

    Kingsburg High School offers students many opportunities to get involved in life outside the classroom. Activities give students the ability to learn leadership skills, team building, and time management. Involved students are usually motivated to come to school and remain grade eligible. Campus activities include agriculture, clubs, drama productions, music, sports, and student government.

Top 4 Skills for High School Students

  • Whether you're a freshman or a senior, developing the following 4 skills will help you achieve success in school, in your chosen career, and in life.