Junior Year Goals

  • One of the best things to do during the junior year of high school is to create a success plan. The suggestions below will help students organize and begin to formulate their plan. 

    1. Prioritize grades and course selection.

    Make sure the courses you select contain a rigorous curriculum. Most of your classes should be college preparatory. While earning a lower grade is difficult to deal with, a more advanced class combined with a lower grade shows that you are brave and willing to embrace a challenge.   

    2. Start exploring post-secondary options.

    Attend college fairs and find schools that meet your chosen criteria: size, location, clubs and organizations, majors, and more.  You may also want to learn about other possibilities like trade schools and the military.

    3. Research, research, research.

    Take responsibility for post-secondary planning by visiting the College and Career Center. Start thinking about what you really want to ask your counselor and CCC teacher: 4-year planning, admissions questions, financial aid, future options and career choices. 

    4. Shadow a professional or find a career mentor.

    This is an opportunity to learn if you really like a field in which you have an interest.  Talk to adults and see what they enjoy and dislike about their jobs. Use your parents, relatives, friends, and neighbors as a networking tool, too.

    5. Keep involved in extracurricular activities.

    College and university admissions staff know when students are trying to pad their resumes and applications, so instead of doing everything, take part in activities that really matter to you.  This includes but is not limited to clubs, music, sports, or volunteer work. Working is also a notable pursuit.  Being involved shows leadership, an interest in your world, and time management skills.

    6. Consider taking the SAT/ACT in your junior year.

    Some universities are "test optional" and others may use the scores for math and English placement.  Speak to your counselor about how to sign up and study for these tests.  


Top 4 Skills for High School Students

  • Whether a first-year student or a senior, developing the following four skills will help you achieve success in school, in a chosen career, and in life.